Marthandam Bharathi Natural Honey Ginger 200g


Natural Honey Based Product |No preservatives | No Added Flavors | No Added Sugars | No Added colors

Honey high energy food. Use as a tonic, medicines & complete Natural food Do not Refrigerate-

Nutritional Information per 100 gram
Energy – 1272 K.G
Carbohydrates – 82.4 Gram
Protein – 0.3 Gram
Water – 17. 10Grm
Vitamins & Minerals – 0.2 Gram

Natural pure honey with Ginger Consumed daily have a lot of health benefits . Consume our Bharathi’s ginger infused honey which will be a good supplement Honey with any herbs increases its curative value and it acts as a energy infuser Consume daily a table spoon of Bharathi ginger honey helps you proper digestion and your internal gut will clear off Because of the medicinal properties of ginger and honey.



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