Marthandam Bharathi Natural Honey Sarbath 700ml


Natural Honey Based Product |No preservatives | No Added Flavours | No Added Sugars | No Added colours

Honey high energy food. Use as a tonic, medicines & complete Natural food Do not Refrigerate-

Nutritional Information per 100 grm
Energy – 1272 K.G
Carbohydrates – 82.4 Grm
Protein – 0.3 Grm
Water – 17. 10Grm
Vitamins & Minerals – 0.2 Grm

Natural pure honey with Turmeric, Amla, Lemon, Cardamom & Flavor Syrup. It can be used with lemon juice, warm or cold water Because of its unique flavor and all Ayurvedic herbs and spices adds extra health benefits to your drink simply add Bharathi natural honey sarbath with cold or warm water and consume instantly. Children’s are very fond of this product because of its unique flavor. Can also be add with banana sarbath, palm fruit sarbath as you like.


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