Marthandam Bharathi Natural Kombu Honey 250g


Natural Honey |No preservatives | No Added Flavors | No Added Sugars | No Added colors

Honey high energy food. Use as a tonic, medicines & complete Natural food Do not Refrigerate-

Nutritional Information per 100 grm
Energy – 1368 K.G
Carbohydrates – 82.4 Grm
Protein – 0.3 Grm
Water – 17. 10Grm
Vitamins & Minerals – 0.3 Grm

Natural kombu honey other wise known as small bee honey or kombu forest honey is very popular among the people sought-after natural product since ancient times because of its medicinal value This Bharathi’s natural kombu honey is very famous for its medicinal purpose naturally boosts your immunity it improves your weight reduction and keeps your skin glow and radiant.


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